2019Young Artists Competition Registration Form. After reading rules, click ADD TO CART below

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2019Young Artists Competition Registration Form. After reading rules, click ADD TO CART below


Young Artists Competition Rules

1. Competition is open to amateur orchestral musicians ages 16­-22 as of January 1, 2019.

2. Previous Young Artists Competition Winners are not eligible.

3.  Individual contestants may register for only one audition. 

4. Contestants must play one movement of a concerto or suitable (with the approval of the YAC management) concerto-like composition. Memorization is encouraged, but not required. Should a contestant advance to the final round, the same concerto movement will be repeated.

5. Contestants must provide their own accompanist. Your accompanist must be disclosed on your registration form.

6. Contestants are responsible for supplying the judges with three unmarked copies of the score of their piece. Photocopies are acceptable.

7. Competition management will assign each contestant a 15 minute audition period. Judges may request any section of the concerto movement during the audition. Judges may stop contestants if they have heard enough to sufficiently rate the competitor's performance.

8. While not anticipated, YAC finals judges may determine that none of the finalists' performances meet the criteria for the First Place Award. In that case, the SVSO Board reserves the right to not present a First Place award.

9. It is not guaranteed that winners will perform the same pieces with which they auditioned for the YAC in concert with the SVSO. The SVSO Music Director and Programming Committee will work closely with each winner to determine the works to be performed.

10. As a condition of enrolling in the YAC, competitors (and for competitors under age 18, their parents/guardians) consent to SVSO's use of competitors’ names, photographic and/or video images in SVSO's publications and digital communications.

General Information

  • Preliminary round judging takes place in assigned audition rooms in a blind audition format, i.e., judges are seated behind screens and have minimal interaction with competitors. Judging in the preliminary round is instrument specific

  • SVSO officers will announce which competitors have been selected to compete in the final round, after the preliminary round of auditions.

  • Those competitors chosen to compete in the final round will perform on stage in the Recital Hall before a new panel of finals judges, and with other audience members in attendance. Friends and family members of competitors are welcome to attend the finals competition.

  • At the conclusion of all performances by finals competitors, the judges will confer and deliberate to determine the winners.

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