about the symphony

The Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra that has been serving lovers of fine music in northern Chicago and on the North Shore since the early 1960's.

Our mission

Our mission is to share the excitement of great music with our community, especially young people and families.


Our Vision

We envision the New Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra as a resource for many different members of the general public and musical arts community; an institution that encourages musicians young and old, amateur and professional, to make and experience music on the highest possible level.  We see a fertile resource for musicians, composers, and students.  We see a community which is  enriched, empowered and informed because of our activities.


Our Mandate

The mandate of the New Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra is to make great music eminently accessible and available to the entire community, regardless of age, ethnicity, or prior exposure.

The orchestra welcomes new musicians, both highly skilled community players as well as professionals. Please arrange for an audition with our personnel manager. Use our contact page.

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